RING Electric scooter with replaceable battery RX8 black


Easily replaceable battery (takeaway battery) Modern design Triple braking system

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Enjoy everyday travel

  • Easily replaceable battery (takeaway battery)
  • Contemporary design
  • Triple braking system
  • Maximum speed 30km / h

You run out of battery – replace it immediately with a full one!

Color: black with red details and silver metallic with blue details

Replaceable Battery:

Revolutionary removable lithium battery. Even greater durability.

Extends the distance traveled. The battery is located in the front pillar and is resistant to water splashes. Water resistance level IP54.

  1. Slide and press the control panel cover to open the cover.
  2. Unscrew the battery cover
  3. Pull the battery up to remove the battery

Aesthetics: Enjoy the unique beauty.
Simple geometric design, superior workmanship and exceptional quality.

Easy to carry in one hand, although the frame of the scooter is made of aluminum alloy.
A hard aluminum alloy of low density but high strength, with excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance is used as the basic supporting material.

Non-slip handles – comfortable to hold.
Easy to make non-slip handles that allow long, effortless driving. The speed is changed by pressing the lever and provides complete control of driving speed.

LED display: Speed ​​display at all times
The high-resolution LED screen allows you to know everything that is happening with the scooter at any time and control what is being done (speed, power display, transmission position).
Ergonomic design. Easy to use.

350W brushless motor with outstanding features.

Tires: 8.5 inches of premium quality anti-slip and vibration vacuum tires.
Particularly strong shock absorption in uneven ground.
Easy impact-free movement over uneven roads.

LED headlight: Extremely strong headlights provide a safe ride in the dark.
Tail light: Illuminates when braking and in the dark.

Braking: triple brakes – brake disc, electronic brake, pedal brake
The disc braking system and the E-ABS anti-lock braking system enable extremely fast braking and quick stopping. Safe and carefree driving comes first.

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